MHS "Everyday Infraction" Procedures

MHS follows a structured "Everyday Infraction" procedure. Students in violation of "everyday infractions" will be held accountable. Both students and parents need to be aware of the rigorous plan. If a student receives 15 infractions, he/she will be placed in AEP. Please review the "Everyday Discipline Procedures" posted below.

Everyday Discipline includes tardies, PDA (Public Display of Affection), and dress code violations. The following will be strictly enforced:
1-3 Warning
4-6 D-Hall
7-9 Corporal Punishment
10-12 Administrative Detention
13-14 ISS (3 day placement)
15 DAEP (persistent misconduct)
If you have questions regarding the MCISD dress code, please refer to the Student Handbook or contact an administrator. 
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