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Madisonville High School

Fine Arts » HS Facility Usage Guidelines

HS Facility Usage Guidelines

The High School has many areas that may be reserved for District Activities as well as rented by persons outside of Madisonville CISD. Please follow the steps below to reserve an area in the High School Building.

1. Print out the facilities form below

2. Bring completed form to HS Principal Mr. Shaye Murphy to get approval to use the requested area of the building

3. Once approved, the form will then be given to Ms. Shine (Administrative Assistant at the HS) to get approval from the Maintenance Dept.

4. Upon the second approval, the event will be entered on the official calendar

If the requesting person requires any equipment from the school, a personal request must be made to the appropriate department.

Sound equipment: Stephanie Schmidt
Auditorium equipment: Erin Moerbe
Cafeteria and Gym equipment: Shaye Murphy