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Madisonville High School


 For the week of May 21, 2018
Unit 7 - Poetry and Drama - TESTS - Monday and Tuesday
Remember students: you are responsible for finishing up Rosetta Stone.
Please also continue to read via
Speech and translating students:
Come ready daily to implement what you have learned all year with many speeches and conversations.
Students: please remember to be writing 3 new vocabulary words in your school planners every day. I check them on Fridays. Also, read and/or study nightly for 30 minutes!
Go to Mrs. Risinger's quizlet to practice everyday vocabulary!
Students: please keep your notes in order and bring either a folder or binder with you daily. 
Students have much progress to make this year in their English acquisition. Please make sure to study and read nightly for 20-30 minutes. I will be posting important information and assignments on my webpage so check it out and use it!!
conference time: M-F 2:45-3:40
If you need help with other class work, come in the mornings from 7:30am - 7:50am or after school 3:40pm - 4pm.
"¡Juntos hacemos la diferencia!"