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Madisonville High School

Spanish 2

Week of October 17, 2016
This week students will review Chapter 6A and will have a test over Chapter 6A vocabulary on Tuesday 10/18/16.
At home, students should study 6A vocabulary as well as formulas on how to form comparatives and superlatives.
Students will be setting up to do assignments on Rosetta Stone on Wednesday.
Announcements: The student will sing or say the chorus of the song 'Juntos' by Juanes on Wednesday, the 19th. 
In class, the students have been practicing the chorus everyday. This is what the students needs memorize. 
Si me miras sé que me descifras
Si te miro yo también lo haré?, lo sabes bien
Este camino es como un libro abierto
Y si hoy es el último día de mi vida
Vida mía todo lo daré
Seamos uno andemos el mundo
No hay nada que no podamos juntos