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Madisonville High School

SHAC... Did you know the many ways we serve and protect our students?

Physical Activity

The physical activity needs of our students are met in many different ways at the high school level which include…


-Physical education

-Marching band

-Color guard


-Other activities outside of school pending TEA approval such as rodeo, dance, etc.

Child Nutrition

The Child Nutrition Department is proud to serve Madisonville CISD students a healthy school breakfast and lunch each day. All school meals meet the requirements for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). By Madisonville CISD participating in the NSLP we are audited every 3 years to make sure we are meeting the requirements of the Program.  The last 2 audits we received an Excellent rating which means that we had no findings in the school they reviewed. 


Students at all grade levels are offered a variety of meal choices each day. It is the goal of the Child Nutrition Program of MCISD to see that all students receive a HOT Nourishing Meal while in our care. 


Health Education & Services/Mental Health Education & Services


The health/mental health needs of our high school students are met through multiple different programs which include…


-Health class

-Advanced health class


-ESTEEM (Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) National Standards Program)

  • Is a Facilitator Friendly Curriculum
  • Promotes Risky Behavior Avoidance
  • Develops Healthy Relationships
  • Offers Education Components for Parent Involvement
  • Contains Up to Date Family and Criminal Law Lessons
  • Focuses on Academic and Career Goal Setting
  • Uses Interactive Scenarios and Games



  • A program that sends drug and alcohol awareness counselors to speak in our health classes.

-BVCASA Star Counselors

  • Sends counselors into the school setting to counsel individual students based on their mental health needs.

-Pregnancy Related Services

  • Support services, including  Compensatory Education Home Instruction, counseling services, and nursing services that a student receives during the pregnancy prenatal and postpartum periods to help her adjust academically, mentally, and physically and stay in school.

-Baby Love Program

  • A weekly program for pregnant students where they receive guidance on prenatal care, parenting, employment, childcare, and receive care packages to help meet the needs of the soon to be mom and new baby.
It is our pleasure to serve the needs of all students. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help mold the students of MCISD.