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Madisonville High School

Fall 2017 Drivers Education

Session ID#110117-1
Classroom Instruction ~ Online
November 1st - November 30th!
CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION will be completed online - available 24/7!
Behind-the-Wheel/Simulation/Observation Instruction (Lab) ~ MHS
December, January, and February
Driving times and dates will be scheduled with MR. GUDERIAN at the high school.
FEE: $405.00
Includes ALL required hours: 32 Classroom Hours, 7 Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Hours, and 7 In-Car Observation Hours.
Payment Methods: Credit Card, Cash, Money Order/Cashier's Check.
Fee may be split into three payments.
Upon final payment, student will receive his/her certificate of completion provided all classroom and lab hours have been successful. 
To register, call 936-435-8321 or go online 
For additional questions or assistance, contact Mr. Guderian at 936-348-2721.