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Catherine Bennett » High School Art I, II

High School Art I, II

Welcome Back to School! I am so excited to begin our 2016-2017 year!!!
In art we will learn about the principles of art, different art mediums, and experiment with each! The students will practice and then complete final projects based on what they have learned. Everyone can and should enjoy art! I understand that all students do not have the same artistic ability. Thus, they will only be graded on their OWN best ability, not compared to that of another student! If you try for me, you will do well! Art enriches your life, encourages the imagination, and allows you to view the world around you in so many ways! Have fun!!!
Needed Supplies for ART:  Spiral bound sketchbook (found at a Wal-mart), Clorox Wipes, Composition Book
(Students have had sketchbook check-ins, and after several chances, will recieve 0 daily grades for not having one for the daily drawings.)
Please let me know of any questions you may have! Have a GREAT year!!!
Sincerely, Mrs. Bennett