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Automotive Service Technology 

SkillsUSA: Champions at Work

Advisor: Mr. Norman

SkillsUSA is the TEA recognized Career and Technical Student Organization for students enrolled in the Automotive Technology cirriculum. Members have the opportunity to compete at district and state level contests in leadership and skill events as well as opportunities to serve as district or state officers.

The SkillsUSA Creed

I believe in the dignity of work
I hold that society has advanced to its present culture through the use of the worker's hands and mind. I will maintain a feeling of humbleness for the knowledge and skills that I receive from professionals, and I will conduct myself with dignity in the work I do.

I believe in the American way of life
I know our culture is the result of freedom of action and opportunities won by the founders of our American republic, and I will uphold their ideals.

I believe in education
I will endeavor to make the best use of knowledge, skills and experience that I will learn in order that I may be a better worker in my chosen occupation and a better citizen in my community. To this end, I will continue my learning now and in the future.

I believe in fair play
I will, through honesty and fair play, respect the rights of others. I will always conduct myself in the manner of the best professionals in my occupation and treat those with whom I work as I would like to be treated.

I believe satisfaction is achieved by good work
I feel that compensation and personal satisfaction received for my work and services will be in proportion to my creative and productive ability.

I believe in high moral and spiritual standards
I will endeavor to conduct myself in such a manner as to set an example for others by living a wholesome life and by fulfilling my responsibilities as a citizen of my community.

  • Auto Show at State Fair of Texas
  • Community Service Project at Christmas
  • Chapter Hamburger Feast
  • Spring District Contests in Beaumont at Lamar Institute of Technology
  • State Leadership Contests and Convention in Corpus Christi
Members must be eligible for co-curricular events to participate.